Due to the Corona virus the Dutch postal service (Post.nl) has raised its rates. Unfortunately we are therefore forced to increase our prices for shipping as well.

There are three ways to pay for the book.

  1. Pick up the book and pay cash.
    Of course you need to make an appointment first, using our email address
  2. You pay using Pay Pal (our method of choice)
  3. You pay through your bank.
    In that case do not forget to provide your address

Payment details:

Bank: IBAN NL44ABNA0411075292
Op naam van M.Swarts
Pay Pal: pay to dzjeedie@autumngale.nl

The price of the book without P&P is: € 85

The price incl. P&P is:
Europe: € 120
Rest of the world: € 130

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Payment via PayPal:

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Don't forget to mention your address