Aan iedereen die in 2016 het boek gekocht heeft willen wij kenbaar maken dat er een tweede erratum is, welke een fragment betreft dat verloren is geraakt in het pre-productie proces. Hier is de ontbrekende tekst:

Pagina 200 aan het einde van de linker kolom:

since they arrived much later) and a sixth that the Panther was knocked out by an American bazooka fired by Private Jerry Farley. We stick to the version given above. What is more important is that the loss of the Panther seemed to have taken the sting out of the attack and the Panzergrenadiere began to fall back. Almost right away Allen’s two companies (3rd/327rd Regiment) were ordered to counterattack and seize a stretch of road north-east of Beukelaar. However, enemy resistance was met 600 yards short of the objective and after fifteen minutes of intense fighting the battalion was ordered to disengage and move back to Veghel. Clearly McAuliffe realised from the German response that the threat to Veghel was not over yet and instead of sending them off on a wild goose chase it made more sense to keep his defences intact. As there were only a few hours of daylight left a third German attack seemed unlikely.